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Bioconcert Series


The Zen Bioconcert Series are geared toward group meditation, sound concerts and live performance. Refined to the same exacting specifications as our Zen Therapuetic Series singing bowls, the Bioconcert Series focus is volume and tone over the direct vibration of our Therapuetic Series. The purity of tone and extra long sustain make these bowls great for sound therapy when used in conjunction with the bowls of the Therapuetic Series. The Bioconcert Series Bowls have the look of a classic Tibetan bowl, yet represent the ascension to a high quality and precision music instrument. Technical advancement and a top secret metal mixture has brought the meditation tool of the past into the future with rich harmonics and tone..  Each one is hand selected and then individually recorded and photographed.  Just click on the item to view more photos and play the sound clip of the actual bowl.  Use headphones or high quality speakers for the best sound experience.