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Etched Elephant Practitioner Bowls

VSA has decided to partner with the Thai elephant alliance association based on their commitment to Asian elephant conservation. Elephant health and well being has been a focus of our work with Patara elephant farm. The Thailand elephant alliance association is a broader effort to bring education to the Thai people while ensuring that the species is supported and protected as a part of Thailand's rich history. Thai Elephants have been on the endangered species list since 1976. At the current time there are between 3000-4000 elephants in Thailand, which doesn't seem to be very many considering the elephant population was over 100,000 at the beginning of 1900.

If you have ever looked an elephant in the eye you understand that the elephant is one of the most intelligent creatures with which we share our planet. Displaying a broad emotional range, elephants show us that they have a consciousness that blurs the distinction between human and animal. In Thailand the bond between humans and elephants goes back thousands of years and we are glad to partner with an organization who seeks to ensure a safe future for this culturally significant animal.

The bowls in this group were memorialized with the logo of the Thailand elephant alliance association. The profit from the bowls in this category will go directly to the Thailand elephant alliance association with the VSA when Jeff leads his 2020 group, along with a matching bowl as a gift for the organization. Limited edition, this series will kick off a new platform for our fundraising efforts.

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