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Crystal Vibes Premium Mallets and O-Rings

Premium mallets for all quartz crystal singing bowls. Crystal Vibes brings innovation to the world of quartz musical instruments. Now more than ever the popularity of quartz crystal musical instruments prevails among music therapists, sound healers and sound health minded people the world over. Crystal Vibes is proud to introduce a new line of premium tools and o-rings to help our practitioners get the most from their quartz musical instruments. Premium crystal tools in multiple weights and with new playing surfaces that help cure the unintended noise brought out by playing frosted singing bowls with common suede tools. Explore new dimensions in sound with our premium tools!

Premium silicone rings provide a sure footed grip for your crystal bowls. Our silicone rings have more give than the standard rubber rings. The ring will grip hard surfaces and prevent the bowl from spinning in place. Our rings are the best rings you have ever used with your crystal bowls.