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256 Hz Scientific Pitch Double Octave Crystal Singing Bowl Set #SetA

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    256 Hz Scientific Pitch Double Octave Crystal Singing Bowl Set #SetA

    In the year 1713, french physicist Joseph Sauveur suggested that the perfect 4th octave C note equals 256 Hz, denoted as the scientific notation. This is based on the orbital speed and rotation of the planets, as the distance in frequencies going up the Scientific scale is in a spiral pattern, completing the spiral at every octave, at 64 Hz, 128 Hz, 256 Hz, 512 Hz, and 1024 Hz. He noticed that the planets did not carry the same acceleration/deceleration rates, but rather that Saturn's slowest and fastest speeds were almost exactly that of a 4th and 5th step, or a Major 3rd Interval. Jupiter's speeds matched a 5th and 6th step interval, a Minor Third Interval. He used this to find that all the orbital speeds of the planets matched the steps of the scientific scale. This was used to find the root note, middle C, 4th octave, to be 256 hz.

    Bowls included:

    432 Hz Perfect Pitch Frosted C Note Crystal Singing Bowl 8" #c8cm35

    Octave: 5   Rim Thickness: 4.3 mm   Frequency: 512.4 Hz


    12 semitones = 1 Octave


    432Hz Frosted C Note Crystal Singing Bowl 12" #c12cm40


    Octave: 4   Rim Thickness: 6.1 mm   Frequency: 255.8 Hz


    This frosted bowl set comes with one free O-ring, and one Suede wrapped striker tool per bowl, as well as simple instructions to get you started.


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