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432 Hz F# Major Clear Crystal Singing Bowl 3pc Set #Set996

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    432 Hz F# Major 3 Note Suspended Chord Crystal Clear Singing Bowl Set 8"-9" #Set996

    This F# Major 3 Note Suspended Chord Set includes 3 notes of the F# Major scale.
    The full F# Major scale includes interval steps : 1(F#), 2(G#), 3(A#), 4(B), 5(C#), 6(D#), 7(E#), & 8(F#, 1 octave higher)
    This set is not the full major scale, but includes steps: 1(F#), 5(C#), & 8(F#)
    This chord is referred to as the F#sus chord.
    This chord holds the major sound of a full F# Major, Steps 1, 3, 5, & 8, though leaves out the 3rd step, leaving only perfect intervals between the notes.
    This gap in notes gives a very clearing feeling, like a certainly prosperous deep breath of fresh air.
    All bowls in this set are between 37 and 43 cents flat of the perfect pitch note.
    Bowls included in this set:
    1F# - 432Hz Clear Quartz F# Note Crystal Singing Bowl 9" #cc9fsm40 33000841
    Sing Note: F#   Note Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 181.1 hz   Rim Thickness: 2.8 mm
    7 semitones = P5 Perfect Fifth Interval (89.9 Hz = Gamma)
    2C# - 432Hz Clear Quartz C# Note Crystal Singing Bowl 8" #cc8csm40 33000820
    Sing Note: C#   Note Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 271 hz   Rim Thickness: 3.3 mm
    5 semitones = P4 Perfect Fourth Interval (90 Hz = Gamma)
    3F# - 432Hz Clear Quartz F# Note Crystal Singing Bowl 6" #cc6fsm40 33000725
    Sing Note: F#   Note Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 361 hz   Rim Thickness: 3.1 mm
    This Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Set comes with a free O-ring and suede wrapped striker tool and simple instructions to get you started.
    The sound sample is of the actual bowls.

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