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Meditation and Relaxation

Singing Bowls as a Tool for Meditation and Relaxation

The resonance and vibrations of singing bowls have a certain gift and ability to reach the insides of our bodies, the very marrow of our bones.  The sound can do everything from making the hair on your arms stand up, to making you feel the need to sit down and let the reverberations fully envelop your entire body and all of your senses.  For many people their feelings start to flow in unexpected paths and the sound has the ability to bring about unforeseen inner transformations.

Most people consider the sounds of singing bowls very peaceful and restful; bringing a calming sense to their bodies, which is why many people use singing bowls in their meditation and relaxation exercises.One of the most essential components of trying to feel the full impact of a healing treatment from a singing bowl is being fully relaxed and in a meditative state.Only when you have reached that point will you truly be able to surrender to the sound vibrations, otherwise the tenseness that rests at a deep point in all of us could prevent you from even reaching even a minimum of relaxation - and in some instances may even make the sound from the singing bowls unpleasant.  However, if you are able and willing to reach a fully relaxed condition and you're prepared to receive the sound vibrations you will be able to work on your spiritual connectedness in order to help better facilitate reaching tranquility.  Remember, practice makes perfect, and with the reverberations echoing throughout the room and entering you body and spirit the sounds from the singing bowl will become sacred and the healing aspects of the bowl can help to rejuvenate your mind and being, giving you a feeling of joy, satisfaction and inner peace while you enter your meditative state.

Emptying Your Mind

In Tibetan Buddhism emptying your minds is the ultimate goal, the achievement of Samadhi, which is being aware of one's existence without thinking.  In Hindi and Buddhist cultures they describe this as a dualistic state of consciences where the mind remains still but the body is aware, it is one step away from being in total Nirvana.  In this state you have assorted forms of awareness and as you further relax your brain it begins to produce more alpha and theta waves, allowing you to let go even further; placing you in a state between sleep and waking, yet still aware of your surroundings.

While achieving this state of consciousness your sensory perceptions become acute to sensations in the skin, feelings of warmth and seeing a variety of color and or images.It is important to remember that you can not try to see or feel any one of these things as they are not meant to be searched for but are supposed to arrive on their own.  Listen for them, let these sensory perceptions find you and most importantly don't be disappointed if you don't see or feel anything; it is all part of the journey in trying to unearth our subconscious feelings as we strive for inner peace in our minds and bodies.


Tibetan Buddhism focuses on creative visualization, as do several other obscure schools of thought, including shamanism, Kabala and Wicca.  Interestingly enough, Kabala has been brought to the forefront of many celebrity magazines as Madonna and many other Hollywood celebrities have begun to practice this once esoteric form of Judaism.  All these schools of thought share the idea that the mindful construction of mental images in a representational narrative or design is important to becoming one with your mind, body and its surroundings.

A sound healer or someone using singing bowls for healing may use a singing bowl to help on a guided meditation or an inspired visualization.  In Tibetan Buddhism the use of singing bowls to help guide in the exercise of imaginative or creative visualization is seen as a supporting role to help people reach a state of consciousness that allows them this journey in their state of being.





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