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Healing Powers

Healing Powers

Singing bowls have longed been believed to contain healing powers. While Western medicine may not know how or be able to document the real therapeutic values of singing bowls, more and more therapists are experimenting with the singing bowls and their effects on brain waves by using new measuring equipment to discover which brain waves are affected by the vibrations of singing bowls, however it should be noted that such a clinical approach can have an influence on the results.

One of the most often used healing powers of the singing bowl is its effect on the aura and the seven different chakras of the endocrine glands. The aura is the ethereal field that surround and binds objects and living beings, while chakras are wheel shaped energy centers that form connections between the physical body and the cosmic energy passing though the aura. The chakras and the delicate bodies of the aura; including the emotional, mental, astral, spiritual and ethereal bodies are all linked and help to protect one from negative influences. Vibrations from singing bowls have a unique ability to find the center of the aura and to help bring balance back to the body. And while every singing bowl does have a specific note it corresponds to, the bowls have such a large range of harmonics that one bowls can be used on a variety of the chakras. But while any singing bowl can be used, many of the singing bowls with lower tones are typically used with the chakras that are lower on the body, while those singing bowls with higher tones are used on the upper parts of the body.

Every chakra is linked to a specific element, color, tone, precious stones and a variety of stages of spiritual consciences. The chakras also correspond to many important acupuncture points and have a vital part in physical and spiritual health.

The Seven Chakras

The Root Chakra Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is also knows as the base chakra and corresponds to the earth element and the adrenal glands. The root chakra color is red and its tone is C. Precious stones associated with the root chakra include hematite, red jasper and ruby. The root chakra is associated with being grounded, survival and security; as well as having an awareness of the body. If it is blocked it can lead to constipation, back pain and obesity.

The Sacral Chakra Located above the root chakra, the sacral chakra is associated with male and female reproductive organs: the testicles and the ovaries. The sacral chakra element is water, its color is orange and its tone is D. Precious stones are carnelian, fiery opal and moonstone. The sacral chakra is responsible for sexuality, wanting to belong and being able to relate to others. If blocked it can lead to problems with lower back pain, kidneys, the womb, the bladder and impotence.

The Solar Plexus Chakra Connected to the pancreas and the adrenal glands the solar plexus chakra is associated with the fire element and its color is yellow. The solar plexus chakras tone is E and its precious stones are amber, citrine and golden topaz. The solar plexus is linked to self-confidence, power, energy and deep emotions, if it is blocked it can lead to diabetes, hypoglycemia and stomach disorders.

The Heart Chakra Located at the midpoint of the seven chakras the heart chakra is tied to the thymus. Its element is air, its color is green, its tone is F and its precious stones are emerald, chrysolite and aventurine. The heart chakra is coupled with unconditional love, compassion and the free will of self. If it is blocked it can lead to heart and lung disease and high blood pressure.

The Throat Chakra Related to the endocrine glands of the thyroid and the hypothalamus. With an element of ether, the throat chakra corresponds to the color blue and the tone G; its precious stones are aquamarine, turquoise and lapis lazuli. This chakra is accountable for creativity, singing, speaking and inner hearing. If it is blocked it can lead hearing problems, a stiff neck and shoulders, pain in the arms and hands and problems with your thyroid.

The Forehead Third Eye Chakra Allied to the pineal gland, its element is light or spirit. Its color is indigo and its tone is A; with precious stones being azurite, lapis lazuli and blue sapphire. This is the chakra of clairvoyance, intuition and introspection and consequently the third eye is located here. If it is blocked, it can lead to visual problem and headaches.

The Crown Chakra positioned at the top of your head, the crown chakra is linked to the element of cosmic consciousness or infinity. It is responsible for the pituitary gland with its colors being violet or white and having a tone of B; corresponding stones include amethyst and fluorspar. Through the crown chakra one can achieve enlightenment, ecstasy and non-duality; as well as contact mystical and cosmic elements. If it is blocked it can result in depression, apathy or spiritual or metal confusion.



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