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Cerium is the light brown or tan Elemental bowl. Cerium is associated with the signs gemini and cancer, the primordial mind and soul.

Cerium is a Rare Earth Element, one of the group known as "The Secret Lanthanides".  They are comprised of elements from the mineral kingdom. They are soft, silver white metals, and have strong magnetic qualities. They are members of "rare earth" metals although they are quite common, They are hidden in chemicals and salts, they never occur as a pure metal or a pure salt and were discovered late in the history of chemisty in 1947.
The healing themes of the Lanthanides include autonomy, individualism, creativity, personal development, freedom, self determination.Cerium is an etheric filtration devise that takes pre-existing detritus associated with transformation into a meta filtration tool for evolving ecological strategies : particularly potential threat of carbon dioxide emissions from volcanos as a homeopathic remedy for human induced global warming.

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